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Newsletter – Issue 16

Understanding IT Governance
Information Technology Governance (IT Governance) is an important part of NGO governance. Good IT Governance helps organizations use information technology effectively and efficiently to achieve their goals and mission.

NGOs are facing a continuous challenge to improve their overall effectiveness in IT governance, but often lack sufficient IT knowledge, especially in the formulation of IT policies, budget planning, and project implementation. As the governing body of NGOs, in addition to participating in IT Governance training to enhance knowledge in the relevant fields, you may also consider referring to some international standard. Below is some international standard NGOs could refer:



Three event materials have been published on the Project’s website since August and are as follows: 


Upcoming Events

Webinar on the Importance of IT Governance for NGOs
Ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of using information technology (IT) definitely help NGOs to achieve their missions and values. In this connection, the Council has invited a representative of Professional Information Security Association (PISA) to speak on IT governance in various aspects, including the strategic alignment, risk management and performance management of good IT governance with his rich experience and practices.

Seminar & Sharing Session on Data Governance for NGOs
Privacy and personal data protection cannot be managed effectively if they are merely treated as a legal compliance issue. Instead, organizational data users should embrace personal data privacy protection as imperative part of governance responsibilities throughout the organization. The Council has invited the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) to share tips for proceeding data governance, and share experience.


Issue 16 │ November 2023


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