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Survey on Financial Reserves of Social Service Agencies

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One of the issues that NGO Boards have to consider is the policy formulation of reserve, effective management of its level and planning for its utilization. In recent years, the public has become more conscious about NGO’s reserve level. The media has also been making related reports from time to time.

The Council has solicited support from “Deloitte Advisory (Hong Kong) Limited” (Deloitte), to survey on the reserves of social service organizations. All agency members are welcome to take part in this study that aims to inform the public about the sources, types, usage, planning and policies of NGOs’ reserves. As the study does not touch upon the exact amount of reserves nor actuarial analysis, participating NGOs are not required to provide the actual reserve figures.

This survey will help clear public queries related to NGOs’ reserves. With the participation of all our members, the Council will be able to explain openly the rationale and the need of maintaining a certain level of reserves for sustaining the NGOs.

Targets: Agency members of HKCSS

Release of Results: Deloitte will analyze and compile the survey results to be announced at the Governance Forum to be held in year end. The final survey report will be uploaded to the Project website.

Data Collection and Handling: The questionnaire will be distributed and collected by Deloitte only. Data collected will be treated in strict confidence. Unless with agency’s permission, HKCSS and other third-parties will not have access to any information provided by individual agencies.

Questionnaire Submission: Deloitte has emailed the questionnaire to all agency heads of HKCSS members on 17 May 2018 (Thursday). Completed questionnaire should be returned to Deloitte through mail or email on or before 19 August 2018 (Sunday).

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