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Webinar – NGO Reserves and Investment

Event Date

Webinar – NGO Reserves and Investment was held with success on 9 October 2020.

Presentation materials are now available:

Screenshots from the session:

Mr Peter Wan


Mr Peter Wan, Member of Steering Committee on NGO Governance Platform Project, HKCSS, highlighted the key areas covered in the Concise Guide on NGO Reserves and the Concise Guide on NGO Investment, as well as what NGOs need to consider during this pandemic.




Ms Serena Mak


Ms Serena Mak, Board Governor of Friends of the Earth (HK), shared the governance structure that NGOs should have when setting up an Investment Committee and the roles and responsibilities that each party should play within the organization.




Mr Anthony Cheung


Mr Anthony Cheung, Honorary Treasurer of Friends of the Earth (HK), introduced Socially Responsible Investment and highlighted what NGOs should consider when making investments.



Ms Sabrina Ho


Ms Sabrina Ho, Chairperson of the Child Development Centre, shared the agency's experience in developing reserves and investment policy.

All speakers   The speakers took questions from the audience at the end of the webinar and shared their views on NGO reserves and investment.