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Hong Kong NGO Governance Health Survey

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NGOs’ governance is of growing concern in Hong Kong, and is becoming a crucial factor in gaining donors’ and public support. The Council has received support from five family foundations (namely The Chen Yet-sen Family Foundation, The D. H. Chen Foundation, Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited, Lee Hysan Foundation and ZeShan Foundation) to partner with ExCEL3 of The University of Hong Kong (HKU) as well as Governance and Management Excellence (GAME) for Public Benefit, to develop a self-assessment tool for measuring NGO governance health. Similar to regular wellness check-up, agencies can utilize this tool to examine their governance strengths and areas for improvement.

Targets: 100 NGOs

Release of Results: Every participating agency will receive a confidential individual governance health report free of charge. Representatives of agencies can also attend group debriefing sessions to facilitate better understanding of their governance health reflected on the individual report and the comprehensive data analysis of the sector. The overall survey results will be published as a survey report and will be uploaded to the Project website.

In-depth Debriefing Service: For more thorough understanding and effective use of the individual governance health report, GAME will provide in-depth debriefing for 15 participating agencies. (Application was closed on 30 June 2018)

Data Collection & Handling: Questionnaire will be distributed and collected by HKU only. Data collected will be treated in strict confidence. Unless with agency’s permission, HKCSS and other third-parties will not have access to any information revealing the identity of individual NGOs.

Application: If your organization is interested to participate in this Survey, kindly complete the reply slip by 10 September 2018 (Monday). Representatives of HKU will contact your organization for details on completing the online survey for the health check.

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