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整筆撥款機構管治層論壇 已於2017年11月15日舉行。以下為活動精選相片。 

你亦可按此重溫於活動上播放之 整筆撥款(LSG)懶人包短片講者簡報內容

Mr Chua Hoi Wai, Chief Executive of HKCSS thanked participants for attending the Forum, and briefly revisited how the review of the LSG subvention system has come to be.





102 representatives from 65 NGOs participated in the Forum.


來自65間社福機構的102位機構代表參與了 整筆撥款機構管治層論壇。




Mr Cliff Choi, Business Director of HKCSS presented the many opinions on the LSG subvention system and its forthcoming review of different stakeholders.






Mr Peter Wan, Vice-Chairman of Heep Hong Society shared insights on how the LSG subvention system has impacted his organization.






Mr Stephen Hui, Honourary Treasurer of Hans Andersen Club put forward suggestions to optimize the LSG subvention system.






Mr Chistopher Law, Chairman of Hong Kong Family Welfare Society spoke on the challenges brought by the LSG subvention system.  


Together with participating agency governors and heads, (from left) Mr Chua Hoi Wai, Mr Christopher Law, Mr Peter Wan, Mr Stephen Hui and Mr Cliff Choi explored viable directions and strategies to reform the welfare subvention mode