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Mr Kennedy Liu, Vice-Chairperson, HKCSS welcomed participants at the seminar.





From the left: -	Ms Stella Ho, Project Director, NGO Governance Platform Project, HKCSS -	Ms Yvonne Yeung, Member, Steering Committee on NGO Governance Platform Project, HKCSS -	Ms Jane Chan, Honorary Treasurer, Fu Hong Society -	Mr Kennedy Liu, Vice-Chairperson, HKCSS -	Mr Patrick Rozario, Chairman, Review Panel, Best Corporate Governance Awards 2017, and Core Team Member, “CPAs for NGOs” social responsibility programme, HKICPA -	Dr Patrick Cheung, Chairperson, Against Child Abuse -	Mr James Ng, Honorary Treasurer, Against Child Abuse -	Mr David Yau, Honorary Secretary, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation




- 本計劃項目總監 何笑英女士

- 本計劃督導委員會成員 楊建霞女士
- 扶康會義務司庫 陳雪湄女士
社聯副主席 廖達賢先生
- 香港會計師公會 2017年度最佳企業管治大獎遴選委員會主席 及 「會計專業惠社群」社會責任計劃核心小組成員 羅柏達先生
- 防止虐待兒童會主席 張志雄醫生
- 防止虐待兒童會義務司庫 伍金銘先生
- 香港復康會 義務秘書游寶榮先生




Ms Stella Ho highlighted key findings of the Project’s first research survey, on information disclosure in NGO annual reports.






More than 60 NGO governors and management attended the seminar, reflecting a sector-wide interest in the topic on effective communications with stakeholders and organization transparency.






Leveraging his rich experience reviewing annual reports from a wide range of industries, Mr Patrick Rozario suggested areas of improvement for NGO annual reports.






Groups discussed on the various cases raised by the speakers.






Chaired by Ms Yvonne Yeung, the panel had a rich discussion on how NGOs consider the purposes and uses of annual reports.






Ms Jane Chan of Fu Hong Society (left) and Mr David Yau of The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation spoke on the power of story-telling in the annual reports of their respective organizations.