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Pro Bono Social Impact Assessment Service

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Effective demonstration of organizational performance to gain community support is an important governance issue. In this regard, HKU Business School has co-operated with the Council to help small / medium sized local NGOs (including social enterprises) conduct social impact assessment. The participating organizations will receive individual reports from the HKU consultants on:

-    social values and impacts of the non-subvented service / project assessed
-    how to present social values for stakeholder engagement and fundraising 
-    how to improve value generation and performance of the selected service / project

Details as follows:

Target : HKCSS Agency Members with annual expenditure of less than HK$20,000,000
Quota : 3 NGOs
Period : January - June 2021

Interested agencies please register online on or before 24 December 2020 (Thursday). Successful registrants will be notified by email by 31 December 2020 (Thursday).

For enquiries, please contact the Project team at 2922 9255.