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Governance Connect Program - The Law Society of Hong Kong

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The Governance Connect Program provides a platform for HKCSS Agency Members and persons from various professions to connect with each other. Through Governance Engagement Days, participating agencies can meet with professionals who are passionate to serve the welfare sector, and inviting them to become advisors or committee members, so as to strengthen their governance capacity for long-term development.

Governance Engagement Day – Connecting The Law Society of Hong Kong

This Governance Engagement Day is partnered with The Law Society of Hong Kong, to connect HKCSS agency members with local legal professionals. The Law Society is a professional association of solicitors in Hong Kong. It actively supports and encourages a wide variety of pro bono legal services provided by its members to the Hong Kong citizens.

NGOs interested in inviting members of The Law Society to become their honorary legal advisors are welcome to apply to program. The term of office for adivsors will be one year. NGOs may liaise with their matched lawyers to renew the invitation afterwards.

Successful applicants will participate in the Governance Engagement Day in July to meet and network with participating lawyers from The Law Society of Hong Kong. Details as follows:

Date: 11 July 2019 (Thursday)
Time: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Targets: HKCSS Agency Members
Quota: 10 agencies (with priority to small NGOs)

Interested NGOs please click here to enroll online and state your expectations and support needed from this program on or before 27 May 2019 (Monday). Successful agencies will be informed by email by 21 June 2019 (Friday). Each agency should arrange 2 representatives from its board / senior management to attend the Governance Engagement Day.

For enquiries, please contact the Project team at 2922 9255.

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