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Mr Ng Shui Lai, Member of Executive Committee of HKCSS, gave an overview of the development milestones of the sector, the changes of the funding mode, the current profile and challenges.






Ms Christine Fang, Adjunct Professor of The University of Hong Kong, spoke on NGO governance, and the roles and responsibilities of board members, arousing a fruitful discussion.






Themed 'Integrity Management and Code of Conduct', Mr Ricky Lai, Chief Corruption Prevention Officer of Corruption Prevention Department of Independent Commission Against Corruption, talked about the spirit behind Section 9 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, and the 'Sample Code of Conduct for Board Members & Staff of NGOs in Social Welfare Sector' ICAC published with examples.


廉政公署防止贪污处总防贪主任黎伟基先生以「诚信管理及行为守则」为题,深入浅出地介绍防止贿赂条例第 9 条的精神,以及廉署推出的「社会福利界非政府机构董事会成员及职员行为守则范本」,并附以实例说明。




Mr Kennedy Liu, Vice-Chairperson of HKCSS, shared the importance of board members and challenges they face.   社联副主席廖达贤先生亦与参加者分享机构董事的重要性及挑战。

Participants raised quality questions and shared experience.






Board members from various NGOs were satisfied with the sharing by speakers, and contributed to a fruitful discussion.