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Mr Bernard CHAN, Chairperson of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service points out that NGO board members bear important responsibilities, including leading organization’s apt and timely response to social needs and changes.






Mr CHEUNG Kin Chung, Matthew, Acting Chief Secretary for Administration, applauds NGO board members for their commitment, efforts, financial support and participation in NGO matters. Through various means they lead NGOs to provide judicious social services.






Ms Carol YIP, Director of Social Welfare, believes that the birth of this network can help boards of social services organizations better respond to public request for effective monitoring and high accountability of organizations.






Mr Kennedy LIU, Vice-President of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, and President of Steering Committee on NGOs Governance Platform Project, expects that the new Project can connect board members of different organizations, collecting wisdoms of individuals to stimulate discussions on ways to enhance governance of the social service sector.






Steering Committee on NGOs Governance Platform Project will support Project team in developing programs of networking, professional training, thematic research, board visitation, online knowledge based, and so on.