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Induction Workshops for NGO Directors - Session One

Event Date
9:30am - 12:30pm

Overview of the social service sector and the governing and steering roles of the board

Following the Dialogue series on NGO Board Governance held in mid-2017, the Project and GAME (Governance And Management for Excellence) for Public Benefit will jointly organize the workshop series to equip new directors and committee members with comprehensive understanding of the sector and their roles and responsibilities as NGO governors. 

The workshops comprising two sessions will be held in March 2018. Consultants from GAME will be the speakers.

Themes of session one:

a) Understanding the NGO sector and its governance
- Mr K M Chan 
 - Founding Director & Consultant, GAME
 - Chairman of Steering Committee, HKCSS Institute

- Mrs Patricia Chu 
 - Chairman, Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society
b) Board’s role in corporate strategic planning
- Dr Lo Chi-kin 
 - Founding Director & Consultant, GAME
 - Former Chair, Oxfam Hong Kong

- Mr Kwok Lit-tung 
 - Chief Executive, Christian Family Service Centre
 - Consultant, GAME

Details of the series can be found here